Privacy Announcement for

Job Candidates


Türk Hava Yolları Anonim Ortaklığı (hereinafter referred to as “THY”, “Company” or “We”), pays the utmost attention to the lawfulness of the processing of personal data of its employees. The Turkish Airlines Privacy Announcement for Job Candidates (“Announcement”) herein have been prepared in accordance with the Article 10 of Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (“Law”) and EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) to ensure that your personal data, as the job candidates, are processed under your full control and in a transparent manner.

In this respect, within this Announcement we provide you information on, as a data controller, which personal data of yours we process and for what purposes, the third parties we share your data with, your rights and methods that you may contact us.

For more detailed information about the processing of your personal data, you may review the Data Authorities Registry (VERBİS) ( managed by the Presidency of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

How Do We Collect Your Personal Data?

From the start of your job application process, your personal data can be collected wholly or partly automated or non-automated via printed documents (e.g. CV information that you may provide or social security records), through forms (e.g. recruitment form / periodic examination application form) and in some instances, through digital channels (e.g. information obtained directly from public institutions, or from the authorized hospitals of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (“SHGM”) to fulfil certain legal obligations and ensure the continuation of the application process. As per the Law, your personal data may only be processed where one or more conditions that are stipulated under Law are present. As THY, regardless of the purpose for which we process your personal data, we process it in accordance with the provisions of national and international law, primarily the general principles stated under Article 4 of the Law and by relying on conditions for lawful data processing listed under Article 5 and 6 of the Law.

Which Personal Data We Process?

General information on your personal data processed by THY are as follows (For more detailed information about the type of personal data processed, you may review the Data Authorities Registry (VERBİS) ( managed by the Presidency of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

Identifying Information

Name, surname, date and place of birth, marital status, driving license, signature, Turkish Citizen Identity Number, information about passport, information in the CV, information required to assess the eligibility of foreign duties (such as visa information, residence permit, work permit, citizenship / dual citizenship information, Green card (Lawful Permanent Resident Card, Form I-551, etc.) information).

Contact Information

Address, e- mail, phone number, mobile number, social media contact information.

Electronic Data Processing Security

IP address information, log records, password information obtained from online applications (for more detailed information about the cookie policy, you can visit )


Fee schedules, bank account information etc.

Professional Experience

Information such as CV information, educational information, course and certificate information, foreign language knowledge, occupational information, logbook information.

Visual and Audio Records

Photograph data.

Special Categories of Personal Data

Health data processed for the determination and evaluation of the health criteria required for THY's business conditions, Association, Foundation or Union membership information (if only you prefer to state it in your job application), Criminal Convictions and Security Measures,

Other Information

Personal data processed to obtain information that will be the basis for the formation of personal rights of our employees or real persons who have a working relationship with our Company and data of legal and criminal processes.

Why Do We Process Your Personal Data?

THY will process your personal data for the following purposes. (For more detailed information about the purposes of processing of your personal data, you may review the Data Authorities Registry (VERBİS) ( managed by the Presidency of the Personal Data Protection Authority.


Execution of Employee Candidate Selection and Placement Processes

Execution of Employee Candidates' Application Processes

Conducting Activities in Compliance with Legislation

Planning of Human Resources Processes

Execution and Supervision of Business Activities

Execution of Occupational Health and Safety Activities

Receiving and Evaluating Suggestions for the Improvement of Business Processes

Conducting Business Continuity Activities

Informing Authorized Persons, Institutions and Organizations


It is necessary for the establishment and performance of a contract

It is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation

It is necessary for the legitimate interests of the data controller

It is expressly permitted by law;

It is necessary for the establishment, exercise, or protection of any right

The relevant information is revealed to the public by the data subject herself/himself


Identifying Information

Contact Information

Electronic Data Processing Security Information

Financial Information

Professional Experience Information

Visual and Audio Records

Other Informations

The Objectives mentioned above

Your special categories of personal data are collected, stored and processed based on the following legal compliance reasons:

Obtaining the explicit consent of the data subject,

Personal data other than health data, without seeking explicit consent in the cases provided for by laws,

Personal data concerning health data may only be processed, without seeking explicit consent of the data subject, by the persons subject to secrecy obligation or competent public institutions and organizations, for the purposes of protection of public health, operation of preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, treatment and nursing services, planning and management of health-care services as well as their financing.

Special categories of personal data

To Whom We Transfer Your Personal Data and Why?

Under certain circumstances, we may transfer your personal data that we process to third parties residing within borders or abroad, in accordance with the provisions of national and international law, particularly Article 8 and 9 of the Law.

Third parties that we may transfer your data can be listed categorically as follows:

Our business partners or suppliers residing within borders or abroad;

e.g. Various suppliers, financial advisors, financial audit firms, occupational health and safety experts, workplace doctors, SHGM authorized hospitals, or miscellaneous consultancy providers that we are in business relations with. Additionally, under certain conditions, information such as identification information or CV information of our employees may be shared with our business partners within the scope of activities that you carried out on behalf of THY.

Group companies;

g. certain services offered by THY are carried out by our affiliates, within this context, your personal data may be shared with our relevant affiliates. You may find more detained information regarding our group companies on Türk Hava Yolları Anonim Ortaklığı Privacy Notice on Protection and Processing of Personal Data or from the following link:

Public and private bodies authorized by national and international law or national and international public institutions those may make decisions that affect the Company and / or the Company's operations;

e.g. executive or judiciary bodies authorized by the relevant law such as labour and social security or financial auditing authorities (e.g. national and international aviation authorities such as Directorate General of Civil Aviation (“SHGM”), International Air Transport Association (“IATA”), The Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”), Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”), Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”)).

What are Your Rights as Data Subjects?

As data subjects, you are entitled to a number of rights under Article 11 of the Law in relation to your personal data. We would like to inform you about the rights that you are entitled to and the ways you may use them.

The rights you have under the Article 11 of the Law are as follows:

  • Learn whether data relating you are being processed,
  • Request further information if personal data relating to you have been processed,
  • Learn the purpose for the processing of personal data and whether data are being processed in compliance with such purpose,
  • Learn the third-party recipients to whom the data are disclosed within the country or abroad,
  • Request rectification of the processed personal data which is incomplete or inaccurate and request such process to be notified to third persons to whom personal data is transferred,
  • Request deletion or destruction of personal data in the event that the data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which the personal data was collected, despite being processed in line with the Law and other applicable laws and request such process to be notified to third persons to whom personal data is transferred,
  • Object to negative consequences that you experienced as a result of analysis of the processed personal data by solely automatic means,
  • Demand compensation for the damages that you have suffered as a result of an unlawful processing operation.

We have prepared Application Form which you may find at You may easily use your rights mentioned above by filling and signing the Application Form and send us via Our e-mail address We will respond you in the shortest time possible, based on the nature of your request and within 30 days at the latest. As a general rule, responses to data subject requests are given free of charge; however, we reserve the right to charge you according to the tariff to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in case the request requires additional costs.

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