Captain Wide Body (Non-Type Rated)

Scope of Advertisement

The candidate Captains who the accepted aircraft types not included in Turkish Airlines Inc. aircraft fleet shall be evaluated within the scope of this announcement.

General Qualifications

•Turkish citizen or Blue Card holder

•Born after 01.01.1964

•At least high school graduation (our candidates who graduated from a high school abroad are required to submit their equivalence certificates.)

•Not having received any written punishment due to flight failure or flight indiscipline

•No criminal record or criminal archive record

•Having completed the military service, or being exempt from or able to postpone it for minimum 2 years

•Accepting the place to be shown by the Company as the main base and residing there

•Not having quitted jobs in Turkish Airlines Inc. or other organizations due to indiscipline previously

•Not having left Turkish Airlines Inc. and its affiliates due to contract termination previously

• For blue card holders or candidates who have more than one citizenship, being able to speak Turkish fluently and clearly

Technical Qualifications

•Holding a current ATPL(A) (DGCA/EASA/FAA/ICAO)

•Holding a valid type rating on the below-mentioned aircraft types,

•Having total flight experience of minimum 8000 hours on the aircraft

•Having total flight experience of a minimum 3000 hours as captain on an aircraft above 27 tons

•Having 1500 hours of flight experience on the type of aircraft applied for as a captain pilot (excluding simulator and line-check hours) and flown as a captain pilot at least 250 hours in the last 12 months on the type of aircraft applied for  

Health Requirements

1. Pilot Recruitment Health Criteria

•You can access the recruitment health criteria determined by Turkish Airlines Inc. through the following link. The candidates are required to review the list before starting the process, and the candidates with any disqualifying medical conditions are not eligible to apply. Please click here for the health criteria.

The candidates who have diseases other than the listed ones can send their questions to UCUSHEKIMLIGI@THY.COM.

2. Having an up-to-date 'Flightworthy' Health Report

•Candidates who are successful in the recruitment processes are required to obtain a report issued within the last 30 days from Aviation Medical Centers authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, stating that their health conditions are suitable for flight.

Click here for the Pilot Recruitment Medical Examination Process applied during the Turkish Airlines Recruitment Examination.