Cadet Pilots

Are You Ready to Fly in Your Career with Turkish Airlines, Türkiye's Flag Carrier Airline Brand?

What is Take-Off Cadet Program?

It is a program that offers new graduates or soon-to-be graduates the opportunity to make a strong start to their careers at Turkish Airlines and at the top, and trains successful pilots of the future in air transportation, which is rapidly developing all over the world and the need for trained pilots is increasing.

Our friends who participated in the evaluation processes with the Take-Off Cadet Program and successfully completed the processes, II. They are included in the pilot candidate training program and after 15-18 months of training consisting of theoretical and practical courses, As an first officer candidate, they participate in 3-6 months of type training at domestic and international flight training academies that are affiliated with Turkish Airlines or are business partners of Turkish Airlines.

General Requirements

•Turkish citizen or blue card holder,
•Having at least bachelor's degree (formal or open education), 
•Born between 01.01.1994 and 31.12.2003
•Falling within the height requirements (160cm-190cm), and compliance with body mass index (within the range of 20-30),
•Military service completed, or committing to have military service postponed for at least 2 years as of the training start date,
•No criminal record or criminal archive record,
•Not having quitted jobs in Turkish Airlines Inc. or other organizations due to indiscipline previously,
•Not having left Turkish Airlines Inc. and its affiliates due to contract termination previously.
•For candidates who have a blue card or have more than one citizenship, being able to speak Turkish fluently and understandably.
•Not having participated in any pilot training program before (PPL, CPL, ATPL, etc.)

Foreign Language (English) Requirement

•Certifying the required minimum score from one of the following English language tests taken within the last 2 years as of the application date,
o  TOEFL (IBT)                                             : 60 (speaking : min.18)
o  IELTS  (Academic or General)                    : 6 (speaking : min.6)
o  PTE  (Academic)                                       : 46 (speaking : min. 46)

The candidates who cannot submit the language certificate at the application stage shall be given extra time to obtain the language certificate before the Board interview process, provided that they become successful in the language test to be held by Turkish Airlines Inc. Even if the candidates pass the language test, they are required to provide specified language certificates before the board interview process. TOEFL Home Edition, IELTS Online and PTE Online will not be accepted. (Language certificates must be uploaded to the system in PDF format.)

Health Requirement

Candidates who are successful in the selection process are required to obtain a report from the health institutions authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) at the start of their employment, stating that their health conditions are suitable for flight by their own means. (Even if there is a positive report obtained from a DGCA authorized institution, Turkish Airlines has the right to decide whether the candidate will be employed or not by requesting additional examinations within the framework of its internal procedures or depending on additional health conditions). Candidates are obliged to make accurate statements about their medical history (medication use, surgery, congenital disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, kidney stones, injuries, etc.) during the Turkish Airlines medical examination. Candidates cannot claim any rights regarding the administrative process to be applied in the event that a disease diagnosis that they have not declared in their medical history is detected after they start work.

For detailed information on health requirements, please click  here

Manner of Application and Procedure to follow:

•The candidates who meet the abovementioned requirements are required to apply for the advertisement through the internet. Any applications other than internet application shall not be accepted.
•The candidates must select institution type as "Resmi" and the area where the document will be given as "Diğer" on e-devlet platform.

•The candidates who hold language certificate shall be invited for DLR-1 exam. At least bachelor's degree holder candidates who do not hold language certificate shall be invited for the English test to be held by Turkish Airlines Inc. The candidates who do not meet the criteria cannot continue the process.
•The candidates can apply with an official letter they will receive from their universities when it is 3 months to their graduation. Such candidates shall be required to submit their diplomas no later than the interview phase. (Transcript will not be accepted)
•The candidates who become successful at the end of the entire process shall be offered employment, asked to prepare employment documents, and after the candidate delivers the required documents, their employment process shall be completed.


•Within the scope of the evaluation processes specified below, candidates who are negative twice in the same process, regardless of the year they participated, cannot participate in the processes again. (English test not included)

•Candidates who have failed from any process for the first time must apply again, provided that they meet the criteria for the next announcement to be opened in order to be included in the processes again. Candidates can apply to the post before the re-test (waiting) period expires.

•Candidates who have passed the Evaluation of Non-technical competencies are given an average of 1.5 months to obtain their language certificates before the board interview.

Evaluation Processes for Cadet Pilots

•English Test (shall be taken by the candidates who cannot submit language certificate at the application stage) 
The candidate is invited for the test approximately 15 days after their application for the advertisement. 
•DLR-1 Test (Evaluation of Technical Competencies)  
The candidate who completes the English process successfully is planned for DLR-1 test to be held within approximately 3 weeks. 
•Evaluation of Non-technical Competences 
The candidate who completes the DLR-1 process successfully is planned for evaluation to be made within approximately 2 weeks. 
•Board Interview, Document Check, and Height-Weight Measurement
The candidate who completes the CRM evaluation successfully is planned for the board interview to be made within approximately 2 weeks. 
•Health Check (Airworthiness) 

For application and CV creation guide, please click here

Applications will be accepted till 30.04.2024, 03:00pm.