Experienced Narrow Body First Officer (B737, A320)

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Applicants who fulfill the below mentioned experience (flight hours) in B737 or A320 aircraft types will be eligible to apply for the first officer positions.

General Qualifications

  • To be born after 01.01.1966

  • Minimum high school diploma
  • No written penalty due to flight default or lack of discipline

  • No history of criminal record

Technical Qualifications

  • Hold an EASA/FAA/ICAO CPL/IR (A) with ATPL theoretical credit or ATPL (A) with a valid type rating on the applied aircraft type
  • Excluding Simulator hours;

    • Minimum 1.500 hours of total flight time on aircrafts over 27 tonnes
    • Minimum 500 hours of flight time on the applied aircraft type
    • Flown at least 250 hours in the last 12 months on the applied aircraft type

Language Requirements

  • Minimum ICAO Level 4 in English

Health Conditions

  • A valid Class 1 Medical certificate compatible with the pilot license
  • Being fit to fly (applicants who have successfully passed the assessment process, are directed to hospitals / clinics which have been certified by the Turkish DGCA.A health report confirming the applicant fitness to fly is required. 

  • In case it is determined by the occupational physicians of the health department of Turkish Airlines that the applicant previously has had a medical diagnosis, a surgery, or been on medication etc. (even though they may have their fit to fly report given by one of the DGCA certified medical centers) their situation will be evaluated based on the following circumstances as well as the occupational health and safety legislation.

    In case of a diagnosis with a disease which would hinder performing duties and fulfilling responsibilities in a safe manner, or may cause incapacitation, or decreased physical or mental performance during the duty period  

    In case it is determined that a past physical or mental illness is repeated /there is possibility for progression of the illness/ which in turn may cause a workforce loss in the future, posing a risk in meeting the health requirements in terms of national and international regulations

  • In accordance with the internal procedures, THY’s occupational physicians may ask the applicant for extra medical examinations and visits.

  • In accordance with the health requirements of the employment procedures, (even though the applicant may have his/her fit to fly report given by one of the DGCA certified medical centers) THY has the right to whether employ the applicant or not. Applicants do not have the right to claim any rights in the event that they are not employed.