Turkish Airlines is Looking for Part-Time Workmates in Anatolia Stations!

General Criteria
•Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
•Having no criminal record,
•To be born on or after 01.01.1994,
Being a 3rd year student in any department of any 4-Year university, and certifying the same, 
•Having a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 70 over 100 or at least 2.72 over 4, and certifying the same,
•Being fluent in English (Succeeding in the English exam and/or interview to be conducted by Turkish Airlines).

Required Qualifications

We are looking for workmates who have the following qualifications:
•Being highly skilled in organizing, planning and monitoring, 
•Having the ability of taking active responsibility and initiative,
•Being prone to teamwork,
•Having the abilities of analytical thinking, assessing and analyzing,
•Being competent in using MS Office tools,
•Being suitable for working in shifts,
•Being highly skilled in written and verbal communication.

Job Description:

•Performing the station services fully for incoming and outgoing flight passengers in accordance with the regulations and under the instructions given within the duty,
•Issuing and changing tickets, issuing the relevant complementary documents and forms, and completing the accounting-related processes in accordance with the procedures of Turkish Airlines,
•During the ticketing, baggage acceptance and boarding processes in international flights; checking the passengers’ travel documents such as ticket, passport, visa, residence permit, etc. and confirming their compliance with the predefined rules of the destination country. During the same processes in domestic flights; checking the matching of tickets and ID cards,
•Taking action as per the predefined procedures in case of detection of any deficiency or noncompliance in any of the documents checked,
•Acting in line with the procedures determined for coordination of the activities performed at aircraft hold in incoming and outgoing aircraft operations and monitoring the activities performed,
•In case of detecting, witnessing or experiencing an accident or a potential situation that may cause an accident, or any customer complaint, immediately reporting the same to the units defined in the relevant documents by using the communication means of Turkish Airlines, 
•Ensuring coordination with the relevant units and suppliers, conducting periodical analyses and reporting the results in order to ensure customer satisfaction at the stations in accordance with the national and international civil aviation rules and Turkish Airlines rules.

Working Place and Period

•Places of work: Ankara, Antalya, Eskişehir, Erzurum, Hakkâri, Hatay, İzmir, Kayseri, Samsun and Van.
•Candidates have the right to choose only one "work place" during the application. Candidates who apply for the city where their university is located will be given priority.
•Candidates must be able to work full-time at least 2 days a week, maximum 30 hours a week. Wage is calculated according to the hours worked.
Manner and Process of Application 
•Candidates who meet the above-mentioned requirements must apply to the announcement through our corporate website. Applications of those who do not meet the above-mentioned requirements or who make an application by any means other than the corporate website will not be accepted.
•In order to certify the class requirement, it is mandatory to upload a "Student Certificate" through the "Select File" tab under the "Undergraduate" field in the "My Education Information" section.
•In order to certify the GPA requirement, it is mandatory to upload a "Student Transcript" through the "CV Attachments" tab in the "My Homepage" section.
•Following the document check, all candidates who meet the announcement criteria will be invited to the online exam in General Ability and English. Candidates will be invited to interview by considering their exam result and GPA. 
•Candidates studying in universities located in the cities indicated above as places of work will be given priority. 
•Before the interview, the candidates will be asked to document their compliance with the above-mentioned criteria. Candidates who do not meet the criteria will be ineligible to continue the process.
•The candidates who are successful at the end of the whole process will be offered a job and will be requested to prepare their employment documents, and the employment process will be completed after the candidates submit the requested documents.