General Criteria

•Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
•Having no criminal record,
•To be born on or after 01.01.1994,
Being a 3rd year student in any department of any 4-Year university, and certifying the same, 

(Candidates studying in the Department of Computer Engineering and aiming to specialize in the area of software can apply to our AIRSTARTER IT announcement.)

•Having a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 70 over 100 or at least 2.72 over 4, and certifying the same,
•Being able to work full-time at least 2 days a week, maximum 30 hours a week in the offices in Istanbul and Ankara,
•Being fluent in English (Succeeding in the English exam to be conducted by Turkish Airlines).
Working Period
Persons employed under the AIRSTARTER Program will be given the opportunity to work part-time while continuing their education in the 4th grade in the 2020-2021 Academic Year. Persons who are part-time employed upon completing the process successfully must graduate in July 2021. 

Required Qualifications

We are looking for part-time workmates who have the following qualifications:
•Being highly skilled in problem solving and working result-oriented,
•Being prone to teamwork,
•Having the skill of thinking proactively and analytically, 
•Being open to researching and learning,
•Being highly skilled in written and verbal communication,
•Being competent in using MS Office tools.

Working Areas

Turkish Airlines, the airlines flying to the highest number of destinations in the world, offers Part-Time working opportunities in different areas under the AIRSTARTER Program for those who want to start their career.
Here are the Directorates where you can work Part-Time under the AIRSTARTER Program:
Human Resources and Support Units
        oEmployment Directorate
        oTraining Directorate
        oPersonnel Management Directorate
        oSocial and Administrative Affairs Directorate
        oFlight Training Directorate
Quality & Technical
        oQuality Assurance Directorate
        oTechnical Directorate
        oFinance Directorate
        oAccounting and Financial Control Directorate
        oGeneral Purchasing Directorate
        oIntegrated Operations and Control Directorate
        oSecurity Directorate
        oCorporate Safety Directorate
        oGround Operations Directorate
        oFlight Operations Directorate
        oCrew Planning Directorate
        oRevenue Management Directorate
        oCatering and In-Flight Products Directorate
        oProduction Planning Directorate
Marketing & Sales
        oCorporate Communications Directorate
        oCorporate Marketing and Distribution Channels Directorate
        oMarketing Directorate
        oSales Directorate
Turkish Cargo
        oCargo Operations Directorate
        oCargo Marketing Directorate
        oCargo Sales Directorate
        oCargo Business Development and Organization Directorate
Investment & Agreements
        oCorporate Innovation and Projects Directorate
        oInternational Relations and Alliances Directorate
        oInvestment Management Directorate

Manner and Process of Application 

•Candidates who meet the above-mentioned requirements must apply to the announcement through our corporate website. Applications of those who do not meet the above-mentioned requirements or who make an application by any means other than the corporate website will not be accepted.
•The announcement will be published until 01.03.2020.
•In order to certify the class requirement, it is mandatory to upload a "Student Certificate" through the "Select File" tab under the "Undergraduate" field in the "My Education Information" section.
•In order to certify the GPA requirement, it is mandatory to upload a "Student Transcript" through the "CV Attachments" tab in the "My Homepage" section.
•Following the document check, all candidates who meet the announcement criteria will be invited to the written exam in Verbal/Numerical Ability and English. Candidates who are successful in the exam will be invited to the processes of personality inventory, group evaluations and one-to-one interview.
•The place of work is Istanbul and Ankara, and it is preferable that those to work in Istanbul study in Istanbul and its surroundings, and those to work in Ankara study in Ankara and its surroundings.
•Before the interview, the candidates will be asked to document their compliance with the above-mentioned criteria. Candidates who do not meet the criteria will be ineligible to continue the process.
•The candidates who are successful at the end of the whole process will be offered a job and will be requested to prepare their employment documents, and the employment process will be completed after the candidates submit the requested documents.